In 2012, my grandmother "Givey" had become bedridden and unresponsive as a result of the onset of a long battle with Alzheimer's disease. Documenting the result and end of the disease just before her death gave me an honest, raw perspective on photography and allowed me to begin to take my career seriously.

During my sophomore year of college, my grandfather, "Gaffy", fell ill. Just as the ending of my relationship with my grandma, I felt documenting both their passings gave me a sense of closure as I ended the chapter of my life with my grandparents. Connecting the two of them through photography helped to give me a well rounded view of both their lives, from the beginning of mine to the end of their own, as I had to leave them. Understanding the nature of photographing our "Givey" during the end stages of her Alzheimer's, my "Gaffy" graciously allowed me to document the final days I spent with him.